Donor Hall of Fame

Center of the Nation Humane Society

Thank you so much for your generous donation to help animals in Belle Fouche!

Christina Hooker

Thanks, Christina, for your ongoing support!

Holden Thayer-Gladstone

Holden Thayer-Gladstone (age 7), pictured here with his friend Meagan, requested donations to the Coalition in lieu of gifts. Meagan was one of Holden's friends who supported the Coaltion.

When Holden Thayer-Gladstone turned seven and his mom was arranging his birthday  party, he told her that he didn’t want any gifts and would rather that his friends give donations to help animals. Because cats are his favorite animal, his mother Meg suggested that donations go to the Coalition for spay/neuter so that there wouldn’t be so many kittens born. “There just aren’t enough homes for them all,” she told him. Thanks to Holden’s generosity, his friends donated $250, thus enabling us to alter eight more cats.  Way to go Holden!  Thank you!

Thank you also to Holden's friends:

  • Judy and David
  • Lyndsey, Danny and Sophie
  • JoAnn, David and Maegan
  • Jeff and Debby


Rita Stuen

Rita Stuen has provided extremely generous support for feral colony spay and neuter.

Black Hills cats' lives got a lot better when Rita Stuen decided to pitch in and start helping to get them fixed. We don't know what we would do without you, Rita! A great big THANK YOU to you!




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