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"Kitten season" fills shelters, rescuers' homes

Kitten adoption fair coming up Wednesday in Spearfish

Lori Tetreault is known throughout the town of Whitewood and the surrounding area as “the cat lady” for her work with feline rescues and feeding feral cats

"The kitten season has exploded once again," said Tetreault. "Unfortunately, there are not enough homes available for these precious babies. There are options available to curb the endless cycle of cat overpopulation through low-cost spay/neuter services available, by contacting non-profit organizations such as West River Spay/Neuter Coalition, Twin City Shelter and Operation Pets. On the other hand, donations to supplement these programs is very critical. Without donations, these options would not be available."

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South Dakota’s Black Hills Almost Claim This Feline’s Life; A Twitch Of His Ear Saves Him!

Mad Max, found on the side of the road by Coalition Co-President Shari Rose

Max had been found, lying on the side of the road on a frigid 5-degree winter day. He hadn’t been moving at all and was feared deceased. Cars drove by, either not noticing the black animal on the road or didn’t give him a second thought. One person did though. It was the hand of fate that brought local Shari Rose to that spot that very day.

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Coalition volunteer holds Caring for Animals workshop

Lori Tetrault checks a trap

Lori Tetreault, Coalition volunteer and director of Caring for Animals, hosted a workshop bringing together key animal advocate volunteers from the Northern Hills together to share ideas (Black Hills Pioneer).

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9 orphaned cats need new homes following death of owner

9 orphaned cats need new homes following death of owner

9 orphaned cats need new homes following death of owner. West River Spay/Neuter Coalition pleas with public for help with placement (Black Hills Pioneer).

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Furball fundraiser fun and successful!

BHSU Website, retrieved 2015-03-05
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Furball Fundraiser
Black Hills Pioneer, November 18, 2014

Congratulations, Volunteer Crystal Wiest!

Our Good Deeds, Rapid City Journal, July 28, 2013

Coalition on KEVN TV October 25, 2012 - Operation Fix It
Thank you Dr. Falcon!


Coalition on KOTA TV December 1, 2011 - Cleghorn Canyon Colony

Black Hills Pioneer, Our Towns, Special Issue: 'There aren't enough homes for all of them.'

Rapid City Journal: Shelters face tough dilemma: More abandoned animals, fewer donations (pdf).

Black Hills Pioneer: Pet spaying and neutering the best policy (pdf).


OUR MISSION:To alleviate the animal suffering that results from pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay/neuter services to low-income pet guardians and feral cat caretakers.