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How We Spend Our Money

At the Coalition, 98% of all funds are used directly for Clinic and Voucher programs (advertising fills our clinics for our Clinic Program, and we mail out vouchers in our Voucher Program). We are an all-volunteer, GuideStar Certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your donation is completely tax deductible. We serve a population that includes counties with the highest poverty level in the entire United States. The Coalition does not pay for telephone service, website design or maintenance, or accounting services. These services are all donated by committed volunteers.

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Join us in our work to save animal lives! Relax and know that the bulk of your money money will be spent spaying or neutering a very grateful kitty. It's all we do.

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The Coalition would like to the thank following organizations and individuals for their generous donations:

OUR MISSION:To alleviate the animal suffering that results from pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay/neuter services to low-income pet guardians and feral cat caretakers.

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